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High Pressure

Crimp systems you can trust

Three systems for HEAVY DUTY performers

Along with the ever-growing power and efficiency of each type of machinery and increasing working pressures and flow rates of their hydraulic systems, multispiral hose is gaining an increasingly important role in machine design. Parker Hannifin, as the world leader in the hydraulic hose market, responds to these highly demanding requirements with 3 comprehensive systems – Parkrimp No-Skive, Interlock No-Skive and Parlock Skive type.

Parkrimp No-Skive hose and fittings the system for fast and leak-free assemblies

Parkrimp No-Skive hose and fittings the system with the perfect match is based on no-skiving technology

Parkrimp No-Skive is synonymous with the best solution for assembling hydraulic and related hose and fittings from both the technical and the manufacturing points of view! Throughout the progressive rubber and metal compression during the crimping process the reinforcement always remains intact. The meticulous design,testing and manufacturing processes of Parkrimp No-Skive hose and fittings, combined with the approved crimping diameters provide an excellent mechanical connection between the hose and the fitting. This absolutely leak-free connection gives long service life even with the highest pressures associated with 4- and 6-spiral hose assemblies.The smartly designed and timetested Parkrimp No-Skive assembling equipment combined with Parker‘s assembling know how allow the safest, most effi cient and mistake-proof assembly process. The Parkrimp equipment allows cost and time savings to the assembler and guarantees a defect-free, reliable and durable fi nal product to the end-user.

Interlock No-Skive™ system

The system for Compact Spiral™ hoses

For applications with extremely dynamic pressure profi les, pressure surges and peaks, as well as applications with intense vibrations and hose fl exing (bending), especially when close to the fitting, a strong mechanical grip by the fi tting onto the hose is paramount. A popular method accepted by the market of achieving this mechanical grip in such applications is to use hose fi ttings that „lock“ the metal reinforcement of the hose directly between the metal shell and nipple (a concept generally called „Interlock“). As a response to the market requirement for an „Interlock“ hose fi tting system, Parker has developed the Parlock and Interlock No-Skive program. This range consists of a specific range of hose, fittings and assembly equipment combined with Parker crimping knowhow.

1piece No-Skive 77 series fitting covers the full range of sizes for both Compact SpiralTM hoses 787TC and 797TC hoses – designed to engage the inside of the tube into the spiral wire reinforcement.


ParLock system

The system for extremely dynamic pressure applications

uses external or internal and external skiving (Interlock) technology

Applications requiring the ParLock system

  • Hydrostatic transmissions (combine harvesters, large tractors, excavators, etc.)
  • Vibratory hammers Large injection moulding machines
  • Tunnelling machines
  • Forestry machines Large material handling machines (container handling)
  • Excavator booms
  • Blow-out preventers in oil and gas

For manufacturing the ParLock hose assemblies Geeve Hydraulics offers Skiving machines for external and internal skiving Universal crimping machines with adjustable crimping diameter