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Installing an accumulator can save you time and money

The Parker ACDE gas loaded accumulator is an essential component for the optimum operation of a hydraulic circuit. In hydraulic circuits, the accumulator enables:

Energy Storage: saves energy without loss and redistributes when required therefore reducing installed power.
Pressure compensation: absorbs pressure spikes from pumps or other components to control pressure and flow-rates in a hydraulic circuit.
Volume Control: absorbs fluid volume variations induced by temperature changes in a closed hydraulic circuit and maintains a rated pressure.
Maintains Fluid Flow Rate: an accumulator can maintain the fluid flow rate in case of pump failure and can also be used as a mobile fluid reserve under pressure.
Emergency Energy Storage: in case of failure of the main energy source, an accumulator can provide sufficient energy to complete an operation or to realize a full hydraulic cycle.
Prevents mixing of fluids: Transfer of energy from a fluid to another fluid without any risk of mixing
Shock absorber: suppresses shocks and vibrations in hydraulic systems of lifting vehicles (e.g. Forklift trucks) and maintains real suspension of the load on a gas spring.


Accumulators - Advantages / Your benefits

  • Reduction in working costs
    • Energy reserve
    • Reduces installed electrical power
  • Increases lifetime of equipment
    • Reduces pulsations
    • Protects against pressure peaks
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
    • Reduces wear of hydraulic components
    • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Emergency Energy Back-up
    • Energy reserve