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Efficient cooling for industrial applications

Adding service life - subtracting cost

Overheating - an expensive problem

An under-sized cooling capacity produces a too high temperature balance. The consequences are poor lubrication, internal leakage, higher risk of cavitation, damaged components, etc. All in all, overheating leads to a significant drop in cost efficiency and environmental consideration.

Temperature optimisation for cost-efficient operation

Temperature balance in a hydraulic system occurs when the cooler can cool the energy input that the system does not consume - the system’s lost energy: (Ploss = Pcool = Pin – Pused) Temperature optimisation means that temperature balance occurs at the system’s ideal working temperature - the temperature at which the oil’s viscosity and the air content comply with recommended values. From Parker Hannifin, you can get everything you need to keep cool.


Benefits of a correct working temperature:

  • Extended system service life
  • Extended oil service life
  • Increased system availabilty - more operating time and fewer shutdowns
  • Reduced service and repair costs
  • Maintained efficiency in continuous operation - system efficiency falls if the ideal working temperature is exceeded