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Hydraulic Hose

All shapes & sizes!

Whether they are made of rubber, stainless steel, thermoplastic or fluoropolymer, hoses and are used in a wide range of applications. In these situations, the product has to protect the environment, the operators and the medium. As the world's largest manufacturer of hoses, Parker strives to provide the highest quality, safest products.

Parker produces the largest range of hydraulic hoses in the world in today's market. Parker's hydraulic hose is used in mobile, agricultural, industrial, industrial, railway, refrigeration and aerospace applications. With the most wear-resistant sheaths today, Parker's hydraulic hose can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Parker offers a wide range of standard hydraulic hoses that serve many applications and a wide variety of markets. From single- and two-wire braided, up to six-wire spiral hose construction, and with a variety of outer casings to protect against abrasive situations, Parker hoses cover the pressure and media to get the job done.

Hose assemblies

Whether you are looking for hydraulics, pneumatics, water, chemicals or industrial hose assembly, no order is too big or too small.

Our technicians use high-tech hose cutting machines, super-fast production crimping machines in an optimized assembly room to achieve unsurpassed speed and accuracy.

Because Geeve Hydraulics only employs certified and experienced personnel, your hose assemblies will always be manufactured to your specifications. We have the expertise to help you develop a solution that works for your unique application.