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icountBSplus bottle sampler

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Parker icountBSplus - Bottle Sampler

Parker icountBSplusParker Filtration's CE compliant icountBSplus is a unique and complete solution providing customers with laboratory fluid bottle sampling using proven on-board, laser based technology. The countBSplus is a next generation product from Parker's fluid particle analysis and monitoring programme and provides an effective alternative to external laboratory services.

Product Features:

  • Quick sample bottle analysis with variable test time options from 15 seconds and volume capacities from 25 ml
  • Repeatable and reproducible result performance to ISO4406:1999, NAS 1638 AS4509E and GOST 17216:2001 (Differential and Cumulative) particle count distributions
  • On-board compressor and 'shop' air capability
  • Environmentally controlled front-loading bottle chamber
  • Selectable 12-language instruction manual menu
  • Analysis of fluid moisture and temperature capability
  • icountBSplus has the capability for online fluid measurement configuration as well as offline fluid sampling
  • Design concept allowing for portability. DC and rechargeable battery pack power option built in
  • CE compliant
  • Fluid resistant touch type screen panel
  • On-board thermal printer
  • 500 test memory (fully downloadable)

The icountBSplus has been developed using the latest industrial design and manufacturing techniques, creating a system that integrates state of the art technology with dependable and precise measurement and analysis processes. Built by engineers, for engineers, the icountBSplus gives you a valuable and extremely effective tool for use in many different applications: Agriculture. Defence, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Construction, Marine, Power Generation and Industrial.

Product Benefits:

  • Low cost solution for monitoring fluid life and reducing machine downtimes
  • Easy to set up and use this CE compliant instrument
  • Selectable 12 language instruction manual menu
  • Optional on-line fluid measurement capability
  • Independent monitoring of contamination
  • Calibration to ISO procedures