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R50TC/R56TC - High-Pressure ParLock Multispiral Tough Cover Hose ISO 3862 Type R15

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Parker's High Pressure ParLock Multispiral Hose R50TC/R56TC has been developed with Interlock technology and is the ideal range for mobile hydraulic equipments and agricultural machines. The range consists of ParLock hoses, fittings and assembly equipment combined with Parker's crimping know-how. The ParLock design is approved by the German Accident Prevention and Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaft) conforming to EN 201 (approved for injection-moulding machine applications).


  • Mobile


  • Matched hose and fitting system with Interlock technology guarantees an approved and safe combination and the highest quality and safety combined with the longest service life of the final product to the end-users.
  • Exceeds ISO 3862 - Type R15
  • R50TC/R56TC has a highly abrasion resistant and MSHA approved tough cover (TC). Tough cover offers 80 x greater abrasion resistance than standard cover.
  • Constant working pressure of 50.0 MPa (R50TC) and 56.0 MPa (R56TC)
  • The hose is suitable for temporary immersion in mineral oil up to 70 °C with frequent inspections.
  • Complete ParLock fitting technology across the full range of high pressure ParLock Multispiral hoses providing simpler, quicker and safer hose assembly.
  • The Parker High Pressure ParLock skive type hose range is complemented by a full selection of compatible ParLock fittings to ensure a full metal to metal connection of the hose reinforcement with the shell or even with the nipple (external or external plus internal skiving) and are available in steel and stainless steel.


  • Mobile hydraulic equipment
  • Agricultural machines with typically large constructions

Parker's High Pressure ParLock Multispiral Hose R50TC/R56TC is compatible with the Parker Parkrimp high pressure fitting series V5 (R56TC-6 and R56TC-8
series V4 (R50TC-10 up to -16)
series V6 (R50TC-20)