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SCE-020 Digital Display Unit

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Multiple connections, a flexible display and numerous outlets characterize the SCE digital display unit. The SCE-020 converts analog standard signals (in 0 ... 10 V to 0/4 ... 20 mA ranges) into easily understood measurement values/units.

Thus, the SCE-020 can easily display any sensor (pressure, temperature, torque, length etc.) desired.

The display can be read from a great distance. Inorder to present different measuring values, the desired measurement range and the decimal point can be set easily and in a user-friendly way. Additional units are shown on a separate illuminated surface. The power supply can range from 11 to 30 VDC. An adjustable limit value can be monitored through the potential-free switching output. The analog output and the RS232 series interface can forward the signal to a corresponding peripheral device. If different measuring values need to be presented easily and in a flexible manner, the SCE-020 display unit can be used.

Device features:

  • Easily readable digital display:
  • large
  • bright
  • Programmable
  • Free choice of unit
  • Input:
  • current 0/4 ... 20 mA
  • voltage 0 ... 10 V
  • frequency 0 ... 8 kHz
  • Switching output
  • Loopthrough function:
  • analog output
  • series interface
  • Standard housing 96 x 48 mm