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Parflange® 50 Basic WorkCenter

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The Parflange® 50 is a production WorkCenter for orbital flaring and flanging of high pressure tube connections. The unique feature of the Parflange® process is that the deformation of the tube end is achieved by rolling rather than by just pushing a tool into the tube end. The Parflange® machine smoothly compresses the tube material and achieves a high strength joint with a polished surface of the tube end. O-Lok® sleeves are firmly fixed onto the tube end, resulting in a robust and vibration-resistant tube connection. The Parflange® 50 is the heavy-duty, mass production Work- Center of the Parflange® machine programme. It is recommended for industrial production of all sizes Triple- Lok® and O-Lok® tube connections. Maximum tube capacity is 50 mm/2˝ tube O.D. The powerful drive and the fast, automatic process allow short cycle times for efficient production. Its advantage is the quick and easy change of tooling and the simple operation without manual adjustments or programming. Tube clamping and tool lubrication are done automatically. The Parflange® 50 comes ready to be used. Parflange® tools have to be purchased separately. For each tube dimension, special clamping dies and Parflange® pins are required. The machine can be moved on wheels, by forklift truck and crane. For basic use, just an electrical power supply is required.