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EOmat ECO - Mobile assembly machine for EO-2 and PSR hydraulic fittings

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1 Item

12 24 36

The EOMAT ECO is a portable machine for the assembly of EO-2 and EO Progressive Ring fittings. This electro-hydraulic unit is simple to operate; the assembly pressure is set on the digital display. The equipment is simple to use, robust and easy to move. The EOMAT ECO is an ideal piece of equipment for hydraulic service engineers.

EO-2: Pressure controlled
D/DPR/PSR: Pressure controlled
Material: Steel, Stainless Steel
Outside diameter: 6-42 mm
Minimum U-bend: 75 mm
Wall thickness: No limitation
EO-2/PSR/DPR, Triple-Lok®: not applicable
Operation setting: Manual pressure adjustment according to selection chart.
Process control: Pressure gauge
Error detection: no
Memory function: no
Oil temperature control: no
Foot operating switch: Not available
Performance: 1 Phase, 230 V
Overall cycle time (sec.):
EO-2: 20
Economic production quantity: max. 50 assemblies per day
Continuous operating: 50%
Weight: approx.. 30 kg