Standaard 30 Series (Interlock Type)

Interlock fittings are designed as part of a match system with our hose range. For applications where not only the highest pressure standards are required but also a strong connection between hose and fitting. Interlok fittings create the strongest connection between hose and fitting for high pulsating pressure and mechnically stressful enviroments.


  • Construction Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture

Features / Benefits:

Matched hose and fitting system guarantees an approved and safe combination and the highest quality and safety combined with the longest service life of the final product to the end-users.


  • All construction equipment machines
  • Agriculture and forestry machines
  • General high pressure hydraulic applications

High pressure Interlock fittings 30 series are compatible with the following hoses:

  • H29
  • H29TC
  • H29ST
  • R42
  • R42TC
  • R42ST