Machines & Gereedschappen

Equipment described in this section is designed to make strong, accurate tubing systems easier and more dependable. Every time you make up a tubing circuit, you want to be sure you get strong dependable joints, accurate kink-free bends and a neat system that will stand up to years of hard service. You want to fabricate the system with the least effort and risk of errors. Parker tube fabricating equipment is designed to help you get all these benefits. Parker has been leading the way in use of tubing and in fittings design for over 60 years. All this experience has shown Parker engineers a host of ways to make tube fabricating equipment more efficient and trouble free. You’ll fi nd them all in the equipment featured here – from improvements that help you make accurate concentric flares, to bender designs that make kink-free bending easier. They’ll all help you get better tubing systems with less work and less risk of mistakes in fabrication.