Service Master Plus

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In machine, plant and vehicle construction, the implementation possibilities of hydraulics are constantly increasing through the combination of hydraulics and electronics. The Parker Service Master Plus meets the demands of this development. It has never been easier to measure, display and analyze complex processes. The tried and tested storage process is particularly targeted at the measurement of MIN and MAX values and, in combination with various display options, offers analysis possibilities for problem solving.

Device features:

  • Portable multi-function measuring instrument
  • Measure, monitor and analyze pressure, temperature, volumetric flow rate and rotation speed.
  • Measurements and displays from 26 sensors
  • Presentation of measurement values as figures, bars, pointer and curves
  • Project templates stored and loaded
  • Interfaces: CAN, LAN, USB
  • Storage of all measurement values for more than 1 billion values.
  • Measurement data (automated recording, storage and analysis via LAN and USN with PC software SensoWin®)