C 9000 Polymer Quick-Acting Safety Couplers

This range of ergonomic polymer couplers has been designed for the safety of operators and machinery while giving very high energy efficiency performance. Available in three profile standards, it is perfectly suited for any type of installation.

Product Advantages

Safety & Reliability

  • Prevents risk of whiplash
  • Quick-acting vent allowing disconnection to be carried out in total safety
  • Rotating sleeve to avoid risk of accidental disconnection
  • Low connection/disconnection force even under pressure
  • Polymer sleeve protects equipment from scratching
  • Protective spiral over the tube prevents kinking


  • Very high flow and low pressure drop
  • 100% leak-tested in production
  • Date coding to guarantee quality and traceability
  • Robust impact-resistant material
  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • Long-term reliability


Immediate identification by clear marking on each model showing:

  • profile of the compatible male probe
  • type part number

Compatible with male probes conforming to:

  • ISO B profile
  • European profile
  • ARO profile