Forming machines for EO2-FORM, EO-3®

Forming machines at Geeve Hydraulics

The EO2-FORM-F3 and PRO22 WorkCenters can call on a broad range of robust forming tools that make precise and effective production of numerous tube lines possible. The F3 WorkCenter is completely automatic in operation and has been designed for practical workshop application. Opening the doors turns the machine into a fully equipped WorkCenter. The tool storage area is located in the front – the tools are neatly laid out and easily viewed. No other workbenches or tool racks are required. Special convenient-to-handle tools make machine set-ups and tool changes easier. Thanks to automatic tool recognition, the operator has only to press the start button, whereupon the tube is formed into the correct shape in one pass. This means that EO2-FORM and EO-3 connections are very simple to manufacture. The F3 WorkCenter is so reliable because of its powerful hydraulic drive and robust forming tools. 

Markets for EO2 FORM F3 WorkCenter and tooling: 

• Hydraulic presses
• Cranes and lifts
• Heavy machinery
• shipbuilding
• Offshore
• Steel hydraulics construction

Markets for PRO22 WorkCenter and tooling:

• Agricultural machinery
• Construction machines
• Trucks
• Fork lift trucks
• Other mass produced hydraulic equipment


• Suitable for general hydraulic applications.

Features/ Benefits of EO2-FORM F3 WorkCenter and PRO22 tooling:

• All tools, handling aids, lubricants and the operator manual are well organized in the front of the machine. Once the doors are opened, the machine turns into a stand-alone WorkCenter for tube preparation. On the top shelf, there are practical compartments for rules, pens, lubricant and standard EO-boxes with nuts and sealing rings. No additional workbenches or shelves for tooling are required. This concept helps to save space and to find the right tools in a very short time.
• An ergonomic, pistol-like device allows quick and easy changes of the one-piece clamping die set without opening the forming head or even touching the tools. Another handle speeds up the set-up process of the forming pin in the bayonet mechanism.
• Standard tools and one set of EO-2 sealing rings are suitable for all common hydraulic tube dimensions. No special sleeves are required for thin wall or small diameter tube.
• All tools and accessories are well organized in a practical compartment inside the machine housing. This concept prevents anything becoming dirty, lost or confused.