Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Sensor P8S-A34X
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Specificaties van P8S-A34X

Parker Hannifin
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Beschrijving van de P8S-A34X

The P8S-A34X Pneumatic Cylinder Sensor for P1F-T and P1D-T cylinders provides an ideal solution where a direct pneumatic signal is wanted from a cylinder sensor to a pneumatic control system. This could be a machine or device in which only compressed air is available and an electricity supply to normal cylinder sensors would involve serious problems or considerable expense.

The function of non contacting sensing of a pneumatic cylinder, triggering an output signal (conn 2) from the integrated 3/2 NC valve, which is activated by a magnetic field or iron core and has a return spring. If more than one sensor is used with a cylinder there must be a distance of at least 20mm between sensors to prevent them influencing each other. To avoid interference ther must be a minimum spacing of 15mm to steel details. The outlet (conn 3) must be blocked or restricted as this can impair the function of the sensor. The sensor is fastened to the cylinder using the special sensor bracket P8S-AMA1.


  • Industrial
  • Food and Beverage
  • Packaging
  • Factory Automation
  • Processing
  • Transportation


  • Voltage free non-contact pneumatic position sensor with integrated 3/2 valve to provide an output signal.
  • Ideal where a direct pneumatic signal is wanted from a cylinder sensor to a pneumatic control system.
  • Suitable for use P1F-T / P1D-T series pneumatic cylinders with bore sizes from Ø10mm to Ø100mm.


Installation of Pneumatic Cylinders

Performance Characteristics:

Working Pressure (bar) : 2 (min) - 6 (max)
Temperature (°C) : -5 to +60
Air Quality : 3.4.3 to ISO 8573-1 (must be oil free)
Function : 3/2 NC valve
Flow : 40 NI per Minute
Connection Diameter : For plastic pipe with 2.5 to 3.0mm internal bore
Activation Distance:
    For magnet : Minimum 9mm
    For Iron (Fe) : 2mm approx
Repetition Accuracy : ± 0.2mm
Cylinder velocity : Maximum 1 m/s (depends on magnetic field, interference from steel environment, signal length requirement from control system …)
Distance between sensors : Minimum 20mm
Distance from sensor to steel details : Minimum 15mm
Fixing : With sensor fixing P8S-AMA1 or with M4 thread in case
Sensing : Non contact (also through a wall of non magnetic material)