Crimped Piston Accumulator - ACP Series

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Crimped Piston Accumulator ACP Series 275 bar

Piston Accumulator designed for Mobile applications up to 38 litres, 150mm bore and 275 bar. The ACP piston accumulator offers long, reliable service life and due to its compact & cost effective design it is ideally suited for the mobile market

The ACP piston accumulators incorporate a patented crimped design that provides high-strength coupling of caps to steel tube plus superior fatigue life. High grade carbon steel tube and end cap material allows heat to dissipate effectively and is micro-finished for extended seal life. The ACP series is a good alternative to a diaphragm accumulator as it is can provide enhanced nitrogen gas retention and has a compact and lightweight design.
Although these accumulators are offered in standard capacities, the steel shell design affords an easy way to “custom” manufacture an accumulator to meet the exact capacity for any customer application.
ACP piston accumulators are available in two versions; Rechargeable or Tamperproof. Rechargeable models allow the user to monitor and regulate the gas pre-charge to suit different operating conditions. Tamperproof, sealed-forlife versions of the ACP are pre-charged on assembly to customer specification and are completely maintenance free.


  • The ACP piston accumulator is manufactured to EU Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU – and can be used in any European Union or EEA country without additional certification.
  • The high-strength crimped construction provides long, reliable service life and its small piston seal area minimizes permeability. The piston design also prevents sudden accumulator failure.
  • The ACP piston accumulator is available in a wide range of lengths and bore sizes and allows installation to be adapted to available space. Custom sizes are available for unique applications. Rechargeable and ‘tamperproof’ versions are available with (for customer charging) or without the gas valve.
  • A wide range of port types and sizes are available. SAE straight thread are fitted as standard. BSPP is a standard option.
  • The lightweight piston design allows fast response to reduce shock in rapid cycling applications.
  • Parker’s piston accumulators are compatible with a wide variety of fluids. Standard accumulators (with nitrile seals) may be used with petroleum-based industrial oils or water-based flame resistant fluids. Optional seals compatible with most industrial fluids are available with temperature ranges from -40°C to 160°C.
  • High burst test safety factor.


Ideal for mobile and construction equipment

Fork lifts and cherry pickers
- pressure spike damping
Transportation vehicles
- suspension and braking systems
Construction and Mining
- suspension and load stabilising systems, emergency back-up steering, braking and pilot circuits
Turbine Engines
- maintaining oil pressure for lubrication
Machine Tools
- energy saving
Hydrostatic Drives
- shock absorption when changing direction
Assembly Automation
- reducing noise and smoothing pump pulsations
Renewable Energy (Wind and Solar)
- Braking systems for wind turbines