SCLSD - LevelController

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  3. SCLSD-370-10-07
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The LevelController combines the functions of a level switch, a level sensor, and a level display:

  • Level display (gauge-glass)
  • Switching outputs
  • Analog signal

The LevelController is best suited for monitoring tank levels. A variety of applications can be comfortably implemented or subsequently corrected through the menu-driven configuration of the level switching points. As the switching points no longer need to be given when ordering, the usual variability found in mechanical level switches is reduced.

Each switching output can be configured individually:

  • Normally open/normally closed contact
  • Higher/lower level switching point
  • Delay times
  • Hysteresis/window function
  • Attenuation

These comfortable switch functions enable intelligent configurations which are not possible with mechanical switches. Thus, several switches can be replaced by a single controller.

Device features:

  • Proven measurement system
  • Level display
  • mm/inch/% display
  • High & low display
  • Analog output
  • Switching outputs
  • No surge pipe necessary
  • Replaces several mechanical switches
  • Rotating