EOMAT PRO – Economische montage machine voor snijringkoppelingen

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The EOMAT PRO is a powerful machine for economical and safe tube installations. The device is designed for installation of Parker EO-2 and progressive ring fittings to DIN EN ISO 8483-1 (DIN 2352) with common tube materials (steel, stainless steel, copper, nylon). The EOMAT PRO is fast and quiet. It permits the assembly of very tight and complex tube bends. Automatic tool detection guarantees short set-up times and prevents errors due to setting the device incorrectly. Unlike conventional cutting ring assembly devices, the EOMAT PRO is stroke-controlled and produces accurate and reproducible assembly results. The EOMAT PRO can be used in automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode, the settings are read from a transponder chip in the tool. The operator cannot change the device settings in automatic mode. In the display the tube diameter and the type of installation (EO-2 or progressive ring) will be shown. There is also a useful piece counter which can be reset by the operator. Other messages can appear about the assembly cones – for example, notifications about routine checks and tool lifetime. If there is a significant, implausible variation, the display will show an error message. If universal MOK tools are used with universal parameters, this means that only implausible gross deviations will be displayed. Adaptive assembly cones (MOK-RW) permit the operator to control and set the installation parameters and limits in a few simple steps. In this way the tool is optimized for the specific installation. These individual parameters deliver the best results for the tube material, wall thickness and lubricant used. The device will show slight deviations from the nominal values with a red warning light and a prompt in the display to check the installation. It is therefore possible to detect connections that have been incorrectly installed, check them and remove from the process if needed (e.g. the ring was mounted the wrong way around). Automatic tool detection, the stored installation values and the display of error messages (red warning light and display) cannot be deactivated in automatic mode by the operator. In manual mode, different installation values can be set. Manual mode is activated using a key switch. The key is supplied with every device.

Assembly method:
EO-2: Pressure controlled
D/DPR/PSR: Stroke controlled
Tube specification:
Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, nylon
PRO22/PRO42: 4-22/4-42 mm
PRO22/PRO42: approx. 35/70 mm
Wall thickness: No limitation
Tool detection and automatic adjustment
Manual adjustment of pressure is possible
Process control: PLC with display
Error detection: Warning light and message displayed, if deviations in assembly process occur
Memory function: Memory options for custom application on MOK transponderchip
Oil temperature control: Warning light and message displayed
Foot operating switch: Available
Performance: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
PRO22 / Pro42: approx. 8/10 seconds
PRO22 / Pro42: approx. 10/12 seconds
37° flaring
Economic production quantity: 100 or more assemblies per day
Continuous operating: 100%
Weight: approx.. 90 kg