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The Parker P1K series cylinders are double acting with fixed end cushioning for light duty applications. The range is based upon the international ISO 6431 standard, but with considerably shorter overall length. They are available in bore sizes 32‑ 125 mm with standard stroke lengths, 2 5‑320 mm.

A complete range of mountings is available to suit the numerous application requirements, however, if required, the cylinders can be directly mounted using the existing end cover bolts.

The end plates and aluminium tube have the same profile, eliminating pockets or grooves where dirt could collect, the smooth clean surfaces meet strict hygienic requirements.

P1K cylinders are pre‑lubricated during assembly and under normal operating conditions require no further lubrication. To ensure long life, particularly in applications where initial piston rod lubrication may be washed off, for example with detergents, the rod wiper and neck seal are manufactured from lubricant impregnated polythene.

The cylinder is available as a single‑acting spring return version with strokes of 2 5 or 50 mm depending upon bore size.

A range of special cylinders to suit various applications can be produced from the basic P1K unit.

Clean design for foodstuffs applications

The clean design with end plates that precisely line up with the unique housing tube profile means that a lot of P1K cylinders are used in the foodstuffs industry. With a few adaptations, such as fully anodised end plate screws, the P1K is the perfect cylinder for cheesemaking equipment.

The fully anodised cylinders, with their hygienic, easily cleaned design, are installed vertically and press the whey out of the curds. This is an example of where the P1K offers decisive advantages for applications where hygiene and cleanliness are important requirements.