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Union cross - 06S cone end, complete with EO2 nut and ring, galvanized steel
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More information about K06ZS

Parker Hannifin
Partnumber Parker
Steel, Cr(VI)-free
Heavy Series
06S - M14×1.5
Tubesize II
06S - M14×1.5
Union Cross - EO 24° cone end
Complete with EO2 nut and ring
Weight (KG)
Customs Tariff Number
Box Qty
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Details of the K06ZS

EO-2 fittings have elastomeric seals on all joints for a hermetically sealed tube joint, leak-free connection of tubes and components in hydraulic systems. For reliable function of the entire unit. Design based on DIN 3861, DIN 2353, ISO 8434-1. EO-2 fittings are suitable for high-pressure applications. Static compression also eliminates air ingress into the fluid system under vacuum conditions.


  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Machine Tools
  • Material Handling
  • Mobile
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Process
  • Transportation
  • Water

Features/benefits of the EO-2 fitting range:

  • High corrosion resistance: The Cr(VI)-free surface treatment causes an average corrosion resistance of more than 500 hours to white rust. Extends the life cycle of the fitting.
  • High pressure: EO-2 can be used in applications of up to 800 bar (S series) and 500 bar (L series). Stretches the range of applications.
  • EO-LUB: Due to the special treatment of larger sized nuts (25S/28L and larger), the tightening torques of EO-2 fittings have been reduced by 25 %. Eases and speeds up assembly. Prevents under-assembly.
  • Sealing capability: An elastomeric seal forms the primary sealing element, thus assuring leak-free sealing. Even low viscosity media such as water or gas are hermetically sealed. Hydraulic systems therefore do not "sweat" at fittings points. Increases the reliability of the entire system. Costs for repair and maintenance will be reduced.
  • Durability: The elastomeric seal does not require any re-tightening, even after years of operation under extreme working conditions.
  • Functional nut: Individual components (retaining ring, seal) cannot be lost, forgotten, confused or assembled in the wrong orientation. This saves assembly costs and avoids dangerous assembly errors. The EO-2 functional nut can be used for the whole of the broad range of more than 50 configurations in some 25 sizes of standard EO LL, L and S series. It helps to simplify the order process and reduce the number of items to be ordered.
  • Assembly costs: With less than 10 seconds cycle time on the EOMAT, the cost of presetting EO-2 is extremely low and reduces assembly costs.
  • Each EO-2 functional nut comes with an integrated assembly tool that makes sure that the retaining ring securely cuts into the tube surface without damaging the sensitive inner cone of the fitting body. This greatly reduces the danger of tube blow-off, even when using stainless steel tube and increases the reliability of the entire system.
  • Reliable repeatability – When EOMAT machines are used for cost-efficient presetting, the preassembly tools do not wear out as they are only in contact with the rubber seal. This avoids leaks and dangerous blow-offs which can result when traditional bite-type fittings are assembled using worn presetting tools. The cost of intensive regular checking and repair can be decreased.
  • Final assembly – From the wrench-tight position of the preset EO-2 connection, one short pull on the wrench (approx. 1/6 to 1/4 turn) gives the assembly a quick high rise to the required torque level. EO-2 fittings have a solid “hit-home-feel” and excellent over-torque resistance.
  • Visual inspection – There is no doubt whether an EO-2 functional nut has been preset correctly or not. Inspection is as simple as checking whether the gap between retaining ring and sealing ring is completely closed. The tube end does not have to be disassembled out of the fitting for bite inspection, so that the user reduces costs and time for assembly.
  • No phantom leaks – Lubrication is not mandatory for the assembly of EO-2 steel fittings. The machine operator will not be irritated by lubricant coming out of the fittings once the hydraulic system gets hot.
  • Reusability/Remakeability – EO-2 fittings can be disassembled and reassembled many times. There is no wear or widening of the vulnerable inner cone. Damaged seals can easily be replaced. All spare DOZ seals are marked by a size-code (e.g.: 12–L).
  • On-Site-Maintenance – For the maintenance and replacement of EO-2 fittings a set of wrenches is sufficient. Additional in-line-components, such as test points (GMA), ball valves (KH) or tee fittings can be added to an existing assembly within minutes.
  • Reliability – Millions of EO-2 fittings are working trouble free in applications such as: Mobile construction equipment, stationary machine tools, hydraulic presses, plastic injection moulding machines, shipbuilding, offshore exploration, submarines, railway trains and military equipment. Leakage does not occur on EO-2 pipework. Costs for maintenance and repair can be decreased.
  • Trouble-free – the easy handling of EO-2 fittings helps to avoid assembly errors and reduces assembly costs.


  • Automotive – machine tools
  • Industrial – presses
  • Transportation – trains, brake systems

Downloads of the K06ZS

(Size: 11.1 MB)
(Size: 148.7 KB)

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