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Weld connector - butt weld x 06S cone end, complete with EO2 nut and ring, steel phosphated
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More information about AS06ZS

Parker Hannifin
Partnumber Parker
Steel Phosphated
Heavy Series
06S - M14×1.5
Weld connector - Butt weld / EO 24° cone end
Complete with EO2 nut and ring
Weight (KG)
Customs Tariff Number
Sales Unit

Details of the AS06ZS

Ermeto tube to weld nipple, types AS and WAS can be assembled in any Ermeto tube fitting. Ermeto tube to weld fittings are available in steel, stainless steel and all sizes from 6 - 38/42 in the light and heavy series. The Ermeto tube to weld nipple is welded to the tube end without the O-ring. Assembling beforehand a retaining nut with the right size and orientation should not be forgotten. Special guidelines and regulations may apply to the pre-handling of the tube-end, the welding procedure, welding personnel qualifications, post-processing and testing and documentation of the weld connection.


  • Press construction
  • Heavy machinery building
  • Power station construction
  • Shipbuilding


  • Suitable for general hydraulic applications.

Features/ benefits:

  • Ermeto tube to weld fittings can be combined with all EO fittings, so that the fittings can be used in a broad range of applications.
  • The elastomeric seal acts as a primary sealing element, making the connection leak-proof. So maintenance and re-work costs are substantially reduced.
  • Even after continuous operation for years under extreme conditions, the component does not have to be retightened. This means that the connector has a long life cycle and maintenance and servicing costs are noticeably diminished.
  • Insufficiently assembled tube to weld connections do not come apart without warning. The user can react early enough because the connectors indicate the problem by leaking and they can be retightened.
  • Ermeto tube to weld fittings can be undone and then re-assembled any number of times. The longevity of the connector is thereby increased and costs saved.

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