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SCPSDi Pressure Switch

SCPSDi Pressure Switch

The SCPSDi is an electronic pressure switch with:

  • Pressure display
  • 2 programmable switching outputs
  • Optional analog output signal
  • IO-link interface
  • VDMA menu navigation

The new construction concept and the resulting assembly possibilities combined with multipleconnection options are the most important characteristics of the SCPSDi. This unique scope of functions makes the SCPSDi ideal for long-term series use in industrial applications.

Device features:

  • IO-Link
  • VDMA menu
  • ECO Mode
  • Rotating >360°
  • 180° reversible display
  • Analog output V/mA
  • Reliable operation thanks to LOCK
  • Compact
  • Robust
  • MPa, bar, PSI
  • Metal housing
  • Mounting width 35 mm
  • Mounting height 78 mm