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SCOTC OilTankController

SCOTC OilTankController

In addition to the LevelTempController, the OilTank Controller offers standardized connections for an air filter and a filling coupling.

When monitoring the tank for series use, this integration of level and temperature functionality together with air filter and fill adapter port opens up many possibilities. Only one connecting bore is needed for four functions. The OilTankController combines the functions of a level/ temperature switch, a level/temperature sensor, and a level/ temperature display:

  • Level/temperature display (Thermometer/gauge-glass)
  • Switching outputs
  • Analog signal
  • Each switching output can be configured individually:

A variety of applications can be comfortably implemented or subsequently corrected through the menu-driven configuration of the level switching points. As the switching points no longer need to be given when ordering, the usual variability found in mechanical level switches is reduced.

Device features:

  • Proven measurement system
  • Level/temperature display
  • mm/inch/% display
  • High & low display
  • One borehole only
  • Continual level measurement
  • Connection
  • Filling coupling
  • Air filter
  • Negative pressure
  • No surge pipe necessary